Thursday, October 28, 2010

One down!

One more post for today, this is my first finished concept for my senior studio! Probably one of my favorite pieces.

More sketches

 Some creature concepts I was throwing around.
Both of these are concepts for a big eyed lemur with bioluminescent spots. I like some stuff from both variations. I hoped to have a more finalized version made soon if I catch a breather from school. The other thing at the top left of the right page is a water mole.

Messing around with hoofed animals which I did not have a lot of practice in. Middle is my favorite, based partially of tapirs, various antelopes and ancient carnivore ungulates.

I like platypus (platypi?), so I was messing with a more land based version, converting its very fin like limbs into ones more similar to otters and multiplying it's poison stinger.

Cartoony animals sketched while at the Ottawa Animation Festival.

Sketchbook dump!

 Multi subject sketch dump. First Zootrip animal sketches! Lots of fun.

Alligator snapping turtle, holds perfectly still for hours.

Toledo Zoo got a new young snow leopard that was running and jumping at us.

In the "Birds of your backyard" exhibit, there were two house cats fighting and then they slipped under the fence and disappeared

Wednesday, October 27, 2010